How I Decorated?

Jesus was born so we may have a life & that’s the only reason I love Christmas so much. On that note, I wanted to let you guys in on how I decorated my house for Christmas. Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t make a video! Plus this post is late and that upsets me a lot. Urghhh! I’m also aware that I haven’t uploaded any video for long but hey, it’s a new year and hence, a new beginning, right? So, trust me! The new video is on its way! 
OK! Let’s get back to the topic. I clicked a few pictures of what my sister & I did to our house. Here they are:

The Christmas Tree

This was my favourite part of the entire house, “The Christmas tree corner”. My sis and I wanted a white Christmas tree. Our vision was clear but due to lack of time (blame it on our late wake-up call), we couldn’t hunt for exactly what we wanted. But dad came to our rescue! He bought us a 7 or 8 feet tall Christmas tree which and we decided to decorate it with only white ornaments. I loved the final result! The tree was super heavy and so, we had to place it in the pot. The whole pot had to be cemented and the little space in the middle is what kept the tree rooted. Since the pot was brown in colour and so nothing could spoil our plan we painted it white. Ta da!! 

Ornaments. EvaMaude.Coming to the ornaments, let me just tell you I totally enjoyed filling my Christmas tree with these pretty ornaments. As you can see I used white and silver balls. Even in silver, I had three kinds of balls: one with glitter, the other a bit shiny and the third silver ball was a matte finish. We used loads of white stars, bells and snowflakes! I also put some white ribbon around my tree, one was a Christmas themed ribbon and the other one was just a normal ribbon. I also hung some silver stars and bell chains. The white bow that you see on the left side is done by your’s truly. To make the tree look fuller, my sister added some silver and white long bushes or whatever you call it on the inside part of the tree and that took it to another level. Finally, I put my favourite tiny incandescent lights. The warm feeling this light gives puts a smile on my face. Do you like incandescent lights? If yes, comment below & let’s have a chat.

Pennant Banner, Walls & Windows

Pennant Banner. EvaMaude.This is completely done by my sis & I. We love DIY things and so we made this Happy New Year & Merry Christmas pennant banners. It’s pretty simple! The measurement we used was 8 inches wide and 9 inches long. You can make any banner that you want from this measurement or from your choice. You can use them for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, pyjama parties or even just to decorate your room. We used coloured paper for this but you can use fabric or anything else to make such kind of banners. After the pieces were cut, I just wrote the letters with glittery gold fabric paint and white acrylic paint. We glued it to the silver string and tied it up. You can also punch and put the strings through it. I then taped my fish’s house with red tape just to give that candy cane effect. Ooh, and by the way, my fish’s name is August.Wall & Window. EvaMaudeWe decorated the window by hanging some balls and snowflakes. All you have to do is use some silver string to make sure it’s strong enough to hold the ball. Pass the thread through the loop and tie it to the window or the curtain rod. We also stuck some white bushes on the wall and it was so pretty! By the way, what exactly are these bushes called? If you know, please do leave a comment. Thanks!Christmas Decor. EvaMaude.They look like reindeer’s, right?! I randomly picked two bunches of cherries from the store. This DIY wasn’t planned but after decorating the house, we were left with few golden balls and I was wondering if and how I could use them. That’s when I was reminded of the cherries! So after trying many ways to make it look good and unique, finally the reindeer’s face popped out of my brain and said Hi! So, I just made it. With double tape, I stuck the ball and took four cherries for each ball, twisted them and taped it with red tape.

Chairs, Doors & Bed

Bow on a chair. EvaMaude.This was so cute and super simple to make and it looked absolutely stunning. I just made this bow and tied it to the chair. I put such kind of bows everywhere, tied it to all the chairs and door handles. The best things is, it’s inexpensive, simple to make and looks perfect. You can tie these bows on any occasion, actually, you don’t even need any festival or party you can just do it to your room.Christmas Door Decoration. EvaMaude.Merry Christmas frame and the poster was a DIY which I did. I also stuck this Christmas shape decorative item on both sides of the bed. Wreath & Bow. EvaMaude.The big wreath is gorgeous, right? Actually let me tell you something, the wreath that you see was a normal wreath without ornaments. So I bought some pine, golden balls and added a red ribbon with golden prints on it. I looked for a wreath which was already decorated but the price for it was Rs 1200 & so I brought a simple one for just Rs 200 and decorated it myself. I bought everything for Rs 500. The smaller wreath was also made by me. I had some green bushes which I wrapped around the tube and added a red bow. Stuck this on my mum and dad’s bedroom door.

Hope you like it and would try some of them because everything wasn’t Christmas themed DIY. I also know it’s 2015 and my post is about 2014 Christmas but hey it’s about inspiring and I promise I won’t be late next time. Also, comment down below if you want me to post something of your choice. Would love to hear from you guys! If you like this post share it with your friends & family. EVAMAUDE

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