I think most of you would have checked this post because the title says I LIKE YOU. I know what you were thinking. Hahaha!! But yes to all the ladies this is what I have to say

                                          ” I LIKE YOU ” 

You are absolutely perfect. Beautiful. Strong. Warrior. Bold. Loving. Motherly. Caring. Independent. It’s weird when the world things one woman is jealous of another woman. I won’t completely deny but not every woman is jealous of another woman. If you’re reading this and you feel you were insecure or jealous of another lady just drop her a kind message saying I LIKE YOU or something nice that you want. Come together because we’re strong and unified

The main reason behind this post is to let you know that you don’t have to TRY to be like someone else because you are perfect the way you are. It’s disappointing to me when I see a girl trying her best just to impress her surrounding. Why? Why trouble yourself and try to impress others? Impress yourself that’s it. Get ready if it makes you happy not because you wanna impress or make someone happy. Be comfortable in your own skin. Automatically everything around you would be perfect.

I heard this beautiful song by Colbie Caillat and it says it all. Hope I  could remind you that you’re perfect and put a smile on your face.  Listen and share this song. If you like this post do share it. Also, comment down below telling me your thoughts about this post and any request. Let me finish this post by saying…

                                      LOVE YOURSELF! 

Listen to this 


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