30 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys, How are you? There are three reasons why I’m writing this post. 1st:  I’m writing this post to let you know that my new video is up and I know that you’re well aware of the topic. The 2nd reason is that there might be some of you who love to read more than watching the video.  The 3rd reason is an important one, I’m writing it because I want you to know me better so that we can bond. So I hope you enjoy watching the video and to those who are going to read. Happy Reading!!!  So ya, here it is.

  1. My full name is Evangeline Carol Soans.
  2. I’m 21 years old.
  3. I’m Protestant Christian.
  4. I’m South-Indian and my mother tongue is Kannada.
  5. I am obsessed with black colour. Most of my clothes are black in colour and everything that I purchase are mostly black. I also like red colour because it looks hot. Off late I’ve started liking the pink colour. If you see my video you’ll understand. I’m wearing a pink top, pink lip balm & pink nail paint.
  6. I’m an aspiring photographer.
  7. I blog & vlog.
  8. I am totally petrified by dogs. Dog & I can never be friends. I’m scared of ever single insect, animals(except horse) and birds.
  9. I don’t like being in the dark because I’m scared of it and also because I think it’s quite sad and dull. I love lights around me. It’s absolutely bright & beautiful.
  10. I love to travel and explore new places. I’m the happiest person when I’m travelling because I get to see God’s beautiful creations. Actually travelling is something that runs in my family. We all are Travel Freaks.
  11. I enjoy baking!
  12. I am extremely talkative. I can’t be quiet for too long. Sometimes my mommy/madre & my sister be like shut-up, get out of the room. In my school, I use to be kicked out of my class for talking and sometimes I use to get a remark.
  13. I can bend my fingers backwards. I don’t know if it’s a talent or it’s weird but I think it’s pretty cool. 😛 I had this habit since childhood. I use to bend my fingers when I was too nervous or too scared. (Let me know what you think about this fact in the comment section below)
  14.  I love watching Rom Com movies. I don’t like movies with sad endings. I’m also into fairytale movies.
  15. I absolutely hate watching a horror movie. I don’t understand how people watch such disturbing movies. I know some friends who watch horror movies because they think it’s funny.  WHAT???
  16. I’m a huge apple product fan.
  17. Coffee & Ice-cream are the two things I can have all day long. I sometimes feel I’ve put on some weight and instead of skipping ice-cream I skip my food.  Yes, I know. Silly me!
  18. I have in total been through five surgeries.
  19. I am totally into adventurous stuff.
  20. Music & Dancing is my thing. It’s a stress buster for me. This also runs in my family.
  21. I am totally obsessed with emoticons. As you can see there are so many emoji’s I’ve used in this post. You know there are two emoji’s one is the Kiss with heart emoji and another one is the red heart that I don’t send it to many people. I only send it to those who are really important and special in my life.
  22. I have a bit of OCD problem and it’s not that serious but ya I just want things around me to be neat & organised.
  23. I hate the idea/ I hate being sad. I like being happy & energetic all the time so whatever I go through every day I make it a point that I laugh. No matter what!!
  24. I can’t cross the road on my own.
  25. I talk to myself by that I mean, I sit in front of the mirror and I talk to myself. It’s something that I like doing because there are times when I can’t share my feelings and thoughts so I talk to myself.
  26. I am south-Indian but I don’t enjoy South-Indian food at all!
  27. I love diamonds. Diamond rings and earrings are my favourites. Other than that I love anything and everything that has diamonds.
  28. I’m bad at spellings.
  29. I’m a night person. I feel that’s when my brain produces some amazing ideas.
  30. I have kept this fact about me last because I hate it to the core. I hate beetroot because it smells gross, tastes gross & looks gross. It’s kinda weird but beetroot reminds me of blood.

Hope you like this personal post. If you feel any of my facts are weird then let me know in the comment section down below.EVAMAUDE

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