Street Style Swag / Outfit Idea

Street style is one of my favourites when it comes to fashion. And when street style turns into street style swag nothing can be better than this. 

According to Urban Dictionary –

“Street fashion is a type of fashion that is personal to you. It is something that displays your personality but it’s still highly trendy and cool. It may even be seen as controversial to others.”

I so relate to the meaning of street fashion because I love expressing myself in whatever I do or wear. I even agree with the controversial part! 


An old ankle length, low waist fitting, dark blue jeans from my closet.

Black T-back.

Black New York Yankees Cap.

Fastrack Big dial watch.

Purple rubber shoes with a baby pink shoe lace. 

And finally a loose Men’s check shirt. 

Here’s a tip: Pick any shirt from your dads, boyfriends or brothers closet because it’s gonna be loose that goes well with your look making it super stylish and keep the look as simple as you can.

By the way, let me tell you a secret about this shirt that I’m wearing…I stole this shirt from my dad’s wardrobe. Well, stealing was pretty simple because he was out-of-town. Hahaha!

But seriously guys, this oversize shirt was such a great finish to this look. I love this look because it has a touch of street fashion, my personality (not fully but a piece of it) & a little bit of swagger-ness (if that’s a word) you know what I mean! 

There are many ways to carry street fashion and this is one of them which I totally love. You can also wear it like this (the way I wore ) or without the check shirt. Tying the shirt around the waist is another look you can opt for. 

Hope this outfit idea was helpful. Do let me know what’s your favourite street style. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my blog and my YouTube channel for latest updates. 


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