Le Café

It’s a late review post but I had to write this and let you guys know my thoughts on Le café which is located in Chembur. 

So, here you go..Enjoy reading!! 

Starting with the ambience. It was epic, I mean – bright and nice. The music is on point! I’m a person who loves bright places with vintage stuff (situational) and this was perfect for me to spend my evening. I went around 5:30 pm to meet my friends for loads of chin-wag over a cup of coffee. At that time, there were a lot of people and so, a lot of noise. I don’t mind my surrounding being noisy but when we talked, I was (at times) finding it difficult to hear. 

Maybe I’ve become deaf because I listen to a lot of loud music?!

Anyway, coming back to the topic….Around 6:30 pm, the crowd thinned down and it got less noisy and I could finally hear properly. Apart from the ambience…the decor was nice and simple. The wooden table and chair were so pretty, guys. Nothing crazy but as I professed my love for the vintage stuff, that caught my eye! As a centrepiece was a cute cutting chai/tea glass with some beautiful unknown flower. 

Here’s the picture! if you guys know which flower this is, do let me know by commenting in the section below. Le Café | evamaude.coFood plays such an important role while hanging out with friends. I mean c’mon, we need the energy to talk and laugh loudly, right? So, to keep the energy high we ordered a Dark Hot Chocolate, a Brazilian Coffee and a Colombian Coffee which was served in a French press with milk on the side. To eat – Le Café Fondue Plain Cheese with Fondue Breads and Classic Caesar Salad. 

Le Café | evamaude.co

As you know, I love coffee anytime of the day and having coffee served in a french press for the first time was worth trying because I totally loved it. Oh! by the way, both the coffee was good in taste. Dark Hot Chocolate was kinda good. If you wanna have dark hot chocolate don’t expect it to be really dark because it’s not. Coming to the Classic Caesar Salad that we ordered, I couldn’t take a picture of it but I’ll try and find the picture for you guys. The salad was extremely tasty and super fresh. I really liked the smoked chicken in it. Then comes the star of the evening – the Le Café Fondue Plain Cheese with Fondue Breads. Oh my God!! This dish I tell you is a must try. Our friend had tried it before so she suggested that we really try it. That made us order it and trust me guys when you put that bread piece which is dipped in a pond of cheese ( Oh my Gosh! This actually rhymed ) in your mouth, it literally melts! This fondue is very rich in taste. Since I’m talking so much about this dish I think you guys should see the picture because you might think I’m nuts but trust me, I’m not. I bet you’ll have the same reaction when you’ll try it!   

Le Café | evamaude.co
Le Café | evamaude.co
Le Café | evamaude.co

Dark Hot Chocolate 130/- 

Brazilian Coffee 150/-

Colombian Coffee 150/-

Le Café Fondue Plain Cheese with Fondue Breads 350/-

Classic Caesar Salad 240/-

Ratings (OUT Of 5) Food: 4.5 | Ambience: 3.5 | Service: 5 | Overall: 4

Alcohol: Yes

Card: Yes

Air Conditioned: Yes 

Home Delivery: Yes 

Wifi: Yes

Known for: Cafe, Italian, European

In all, I was happy with the food, service and the ambience. This place has now become my favourite hangout place! 


For Bookings & collaboration: evamaudemua@gmail.com


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