1st Photoshoot Ever!!! (Behind the scenes & Work)

Well… Let me start by saying ‘I can never forget this day.’ For those who are new to my blog and don’t know about my profession .. I’m a Certified Professional Makeup & Hair Artist. 


                          On my way for the shoot!! #BTS

 15/1/2016 First photoshoot of my work. Even as I’m writing I’m so excited. Especially because I’m sharing it with y’all. I remember how nervous and less excited I was.  I won’t lie, that atmosphere was actually intimidating and there was too much pressure but the feeling of working under that pressure was something I enjoyed the most.

Waiting for my model.

                             Waiting for my model. #BTS

 There’s a lot that happens behind the scene and that day was really an eye opener for me to actually understand this business. I won’t go into many details or else this post will be really long but after this photo shoot, I fell in love with my job. 


                         Smokey eyes & Red lip. #BTS


         (Styled by EVAMAUDE) And the photo shoot begins! #BTS

After the shoot and seeing the pictures, I wanted to scream (out of joy) and at that moment I felt it was worth everything I had to go throughout that day.

Are you excited to see the pictures?

Click on the image to see a full-size picture.  

As I shared a little more about my life & work I hope you guys had a good read! Let me know what you think about this photoshoot.   EVAMAUDE

For Bookings & collaboration: evamaudemua@gmail.com


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