Beach Wedding Shoot (Behind the scenes & work)

Welcome to another #BTS(Behind the scenes) post. As you read in my last post how challenging yet fun my 1st Photoshoot was if you haven’t seen this post or missed reading it here’s the link. CLICK HERE!! 

Getting a bride ready is the best feeling ever and even though this wasn’t a real wedding, I still felt that joy of getting this bride ready. When I was told about this bridal shoot the only thing that came to my mind was, BEACH WEDDING!! 


                        Using the shade Toasted for eyes from NAKED Eyeshadow Palette.

Before showing you the pictures I would like to share some very interesting behind the scene details. 


So, my shoot was around 11:00 am and day before this shoot around 9:00 pm I get to know that my model has childhood burn marks around her arm and neck area and this really put me in a tough situation because I was told to get a model who’s without any acne marks and this was a burn mark. So not stressing much I kinda went with the flow. Next morning as soon as I woke up I was frazzled and worked up thinking about the shoot and because of that, I left my model’s outfit at home. Thankfully halfway I realised I had forgotten the outfit so had to call my sis early in the morning and she was sweet enough to get the outfit near the location. Then, I met my model and saw the burn marks it really scared the shit out of me but then again I choose to go with the flow (I wonder what was I thinking?!) Anyway, as soon as I started doing her makeup I was anxious and all I could think about was I know God you’ve given me this talent/love for makeup and this is going to be great! After that, everything went so smooth. In fact, it was like peace in that chaos.

Okay, without wasting any single minute here are my shoot pictures…

Click on the image to see a full-size picture.  

Let me know if you like this look.EVAMAUDE

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