High Fashion Shoot (Behind the scenes & Work)

When it came to deciding a look for the high fashion shoot, geometric is what I thought and geometric is what I did. The painting part has always been fun and something I like but I also know that I can’t be an ace at it. The funny part is it’s the opposite when it comes to makeup. Not at all boasting. Have no intention to do so. The point is I don’t  feel the urge to be super nervous about makeup/hairstyling because I love it. It’s all the more fun coz it’s my job to paint people’s face and enhance their beauty.


 High fashion is completely crazy. I legit paint people’s face at times. Like this model. Well… this day was super interesting because I had two shoots on the same day. If you’ve read my previous post which is (Beach Wedding Shootyou know exactly what happened.

Imagine after all that chaos I had to get back to another shoot which was completely opposite and quite challenging for a beginner in this field. Yes, it was quite a stress but as you know working under pressure is something I like #TheThrill 


I finished my work on time and that was the highlight of the day for me because  I had two photo shoots to finish. Which means two models to work with and there were other’s who had one shoot where they only had to get one model ready. I was in awe of God after I realised that I finished my work on time with others.

Click on the image to see a full-size picture. 

If you like it feel free to share my work. Thank You!!EVAMAUDE

For Bookings & collaboration: evamaudemua@gmail.com


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